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BAi BA-440 Barcode Reader identifying a vehicle at a POA in Northern California
BAi BA-440 Barcode Reader identifying a vehicle at a POA in Northern California

Auburn Lake Trails in Northern California recommends using BAi Barcode Readers and Decal.

Auburn Lake Trails has been using Barcode Automation Readers and Decals for 13 years. They are a Property Owners Association with 1104 properties, there are three entrances and all have BAi Readers that are managed from Gate 1.

Interview with Mike Mendez, Community Services Supervisor for Auburn Lake Trails in Cool, CA. This interview was conducted on November 1, 2017:

Q: Have the residents been pleased with the system?

A: Our residents have been very please with the system, especially since we upgraded to the double laser readers for all three gates. When we had the single readers we would have a few “misses” from time to time. Our residents like the black barcodes because they blend in with the tinted windows on most modern vehicles.

Q: How reliable have the BAi Readers and Decals been over the years?

A: With approximately five thousand active barcodes distributed throughout the community, the system is typically used a couple of thousand times a day with no problems. Whenever there is a problem with a barcode it is usually due to the age of, or damage to, the sticker itself. The oldest Reader we currently have is three years old and has been trouble free since it was installed. The other two readers have been trouble free as well.

Q: Would you recommend BAi Readers and Decals to others?

A: We would highly recommend BAi Readers and Barcodes.

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