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Barcode Automation equipment costs

BAi reverses the industry price model which results in a lower operational cost for vehicle access control systems.

In a typical automatic vehicle identification system the capital goods cost is fairly inexpensive but the individual tags are very expensive. In toll road scenarios these costs are subsidized, but in a private parking area the burden is entirely on the property. We reverse this price model by providing a higher quality, longer lasting Reader; which is your capital expense. The individual decals are then 30-50% less than the least expensive radio transponders.

MSRP on Barcode Automation, inc. equipment
  • BA-440 DualBeam Barcode Reader Combo: $9,576.44
  • BAi Barcode Decal: $4.49

Exact cost will depend on: number entries, number of vehicles, and turnover for your property.

Sample cost analysis for a community with 2 entrances and 430 homes.

Let's say for example you have 2 entrances and 430 homes. At an average of 2.5 vehicles per home that's 1075 vehicles. Here is how our equipment compares with the average cost of a radio transponder (RF Tag) system; not including installation costs or negotiating lower rates.

10 year total equipment cost for 2 entrances and 430 homes
  • Barcode Automation system: $30,041.13
  • Comparable radio transponder system: $57,500.00

Where did we get the above numbers?

The key difference is that while our Readers cost more than Long Range UHF Radio Antennas, our decals cost substantially less which is the ongoing cost for access control systems.

Complete cost analysis:
  BAi System RF-ID System
2 readers $19,152.88 $9,000.00
1,075 initial decals / tags $4,826.75 $21,500.00
150 decals a year for 9 years $6061.50 $27,000.00
Total 10 year equipment cost $30,041.13 $57,500.00

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