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Barcode Automation equipment costs

BAi reverses the industry price model, which results in a lower operational cost for vehicle access control systems.

In a typical automatic vehicle identification system the capital goods cost is fairly inexpensive but the individual tags are very expensive. In toll road scenarios these costs are subsidized, but in a private parking area the burden is entirely on the property. We reverse this price model by providing a higher quality, longer lasting Reader, which is the capital expense. The individual decals are then 30-50% less than the least expensive radio transponders.

MSRP on Barcode Automation, inc. equipment
  • BA-440 DualBeam Barcode Reader Combo: $9,576.44
  • BAi Barcode Decal: $4.49

Exact cost will depend on: number of entries, number of vehicles, and turnover for your property.

Sample cost analysis for a community with 2 entrances and 430 homes.

Let's say for example you have 2 entrances and 430 homes. At an average of 2.5 vehicles per home that's 1075 vehicles. Here is how our equipment compares with the average cost of a radio transponder (RF Tag) system; not including installation costs or negotiating lower rates.

10 year total equipment cost for 2 entrances and 430 homes
  • Barcode Automation system: $30,041.13
  • Comparable radio transponder system: $45,375.00

Where did we get the above numbers?

Our costs are substantially less than RFID tags.

Complete cost analysis:
  BAi System RF-ID System
2 readers $19,152.88 $9,000.00
1,075 initial decals / tags $4,826.75 $16,125.00
150 decals a year for 9 years $6061.50 $20,250.00
Total 10 year equipment cost $30,041.13 $45,375.00

Please remember these are estimated equipment costs only and do not include installation or service.

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