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BA-440 identifying a jeep in the rain - Long Island, NY
BA-440 identifying a Jeep in the rain - Long Island, New York

Identifying vehicles at gates during rain and snow storms

BAi enclosures are manufactured in the United States to NEMA 4 standards. This means they are moisture, dust, sand, and other small debris resistant. We further improve resistance to some debris by going beyond their standards and utilizing Corning® Gorilla® Glass for the front of the reader making it highly resistant to scratches.

Lightning Storms

We're located in Florida, we know serious rain and built the system to stand up to it. Inside each Reader is lightning and power surge protection; it is the one piece not covered under our limited warranty because it is designed to fail in order to protect the rest of the electronics. Our confidence in it is why we provide a 5 year limited warranty including lightning and power surge protection. When you purchase a Reader from us the most common method is our combo package which includes the power supply, mounting post, and a spare surge protection module (properly called Wiegand Verifier). When your system gets hit, your installer puts in the spare, and sends the damaged one to us. Often we can fix it and send it back.

Snow Storms

BA-440 automatically identifying a vehicle in snow.
BA-440 identifying a vehicle in snow.

Our Reader can hold up in temperatures as low as -22 F. Additionally, the Reader has a built-in heater that turns on during sudden temperature drops. This isn't to keep the components warm but to prevent condensation. The Decal does need to be visible so wipe it off before driving if necessary. We have sites in New York, Chicago, Ohio, even a group of campgrounds in Ontario, Canada that have been using our equipment without fail for decades.

Extreme Heat

The BA-440 withstands external temperatures to 130 F. We've got Readers running without fail in Miami, Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Palm Desert.


We have a number of beach and desert sites that get high wind carrying sand at times, thanks to the NEMA 4 enclosure and Corning® Gorilla® Glass we haven't had any issues with it.

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