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How to Apply the BAi Barcode Decal

Select the proper placement:

Recommended position of decal on rear window which doesn't open
Illustration showing the recommended window for applying the decal
  • Decals must be applied to the side of the car that faces the reader.
  • We recommend using a rear side window, preferably a window that does not roll up and down. However, a window that rolls up and down is fine, with a moving window you must roll up the window so the reader can see the decal.
  • Place decals on the outside of the vehicle, not inside.
  • The barcode stripes must run horizontally (lines run left and right).
  • Decals must be placed within the read zone. This is measured from the ground - the decal should be no lower than 36-inches and no higher than 65-inches.

Preparing the area:

Use Mild Abrasive NOT Glass Cleaner
Illustration showing Mild Abrasive good, glass cleaner bad
  • Clean with a mild abrasive, Soft Scrub® cleaner works very well. Do not use a glass cleaner or wax. Glass cleaners leave chemical residues that will prevent the decal adhesive from bonding to the glass, making it easier to remove or steal.
  • Rinse the area off with water.
  • Dry the area.

Applying the Decal:

Gently apply the Decal using a straight edge
Illustration straight edge applying decal in smooth downward motion
  • Peel 1" of the decal off the backing paper from the top, and fold the backing paper flat against itself.
  • Apply the top of the decal to the window in the correct position and orientation.
  • Hold backing paper with one hand, and gently go down the barcode label with a squeegee or other straight edge.

Download our Applying Decals instructions PDF.

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