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BAi Barcode Decals

Barcode Automation, inc. offers vehicle Barcode Decals in 30 different color combinations, great for color-coding parking areas or classifying vehicles. For an unobtrusive (almost invisible on tinted windows) Decal, our popular Black-on-Black Decal is the answer. It hides from human eyes but not from a BAi Barcode Reader.

When properly applied, BAi Barcode Decals cannot be lost or shared. BAi Readers will not read photographs, photocopies or digital images of the Decal. The Decals use a waterproof adhesive that lasts up to 5 years, with a 2-year manufacturer's limited warranty. After the decal is applied, it is difficult to remove intact and usually must be scraped off in pieces.

Ordering Barcode Decals

We only sell Decals to authorized dealers. If you're a vehicle owner looking to obtain a Barcode Decal, you'll need to speak with someone at the property you want to access. If you are a Property Manager looking for additional Decals, please speak with your Access Control Specialist.

Decal Colors
7 different color combinations of BAi decals fanned out

BAi Barcode Decals are available in 30 different color combinations. The most popular is Black-on-Black because it is nearly invisible on tinted windows (photo below). For our full range of color options, view our Decal Color Chart.

A black on black barcode decal on a tinted window
Custom Decal Design
4 different custom barcode decals that include additional text and graphics

We offer a Decal design service, making it easy to customize your Decals with special features such as a name or logo. Great for additional branding or to specify an authorization type such as Employee / Student or Owner / Renter.

For more information on customizing your Decals, call 1-800-528-9167.

Download our Custom Barcode Decal Guide.

Temporary Decals (Hand-Held and Magnetic)

BAi offers two specialty decals for temporary use - Magnetic and Hand-Held (photo below). Hand-Held decals are useful when renting a car or in situations where applying a permanent BAi Barcode Decal is undesirable. Our Magnetic Decals are easy-to-use, easy-to-remove (just take it off) and will not damage expensive paints or finishes.

A magnetic backed barcode decal sticking to the side of a vehicle
Large Decals for Commercial Vehicles

For the safety of larger vehicles, we make large decals which can be read from further away. These ensure School Buses, RVs, Trailers and other large vehicles have enough space to safely clear the gated entrance.

A school bus with a large yellow on yellow barcode decal.

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