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BAi Black on Black Barcode Decal on tinted window
Black on black barcode decal on tinted window

Barcode Decal Color Chart

BAi Barcode Decals come in 30 different color combinations. One color will be your stripe, the other is the background. We highly recommend our black on black decal for most applications. Sticking a black decal on tinted windows makes it very difficult to see for people, but perfectly scannable by our laser system.

Some properties will use the Black on Black decal for most authorized vehicles, but offer a more visible decal to special service providers that need regular access. This lets security personnel easily identify those vehicles, while allowing them to get through the gate faster.

Download a PDF showing all of the available color combinations.

Barcode Decal Color Combinations

Black White Yellow Gold Orange Red
Black black on black barcode black on white barcode black on yellow barcode black on gold barcode black on orange barcode black on red barcode
White white on black barcode white on white barcode white on yellow barcode white on gold barcode white on orange barcode white on red barcode
Blue blue on black barcode blue on white barcode blue on yellow barcode blue on gold barcode blue on orange barcode blue on red barcode
Green green on black barcode green on white barcode green on yellow barcode green on gold barcode green on orange barcode green on red barcode
Yellow yellow on black barcode yellow on white barcode yellow on yellow barcode yellow on gold barcode yellow on orange barcode yellow on red barcode

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