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A vehicle being identified automatically by a BAi BA-200 at the entry gate to Hawthorne at Leesburg
Automatic vehicle identification with a BA-220 at Hawthorne

Hawthorne at Leesburg: A Safe Haven for Retirement Living

Hawthorne at Leesburg in Leesburg, Florida, is a gated-retirement community founded in 1972. Every vehicle that enters and exits the property, must do so through one of five automatic gates. Originally, magnetic card readers controlled access to the property. Residents were issued cards but eventually, the cards became a headache. Cards were loaned out, lost and misplaced. Over time, replacing the cards got to be expensive but that wasn’t the real problem. Cards got into the hands of nonresidents and all sorts of folks were coming and going on-site. There was no way to identify residents.

In 2008 – to facilitate control of the gates, Hawthorne purchased five BA-220 DualBeam Barcode Readers. Residents were issued one barcode decal per vehicle, which they applied to a side-window. This system solved Hawthorne’s problems.

  • At-a-glance, security now sees which vehicles have barcode decals. In an instant, they know if vehicles belong to residents or nonresidents.
  • With the application of barcode decals on the vehicles, there are no parts (clickers, cards or RFID tags) to be lost, stolen or borrowed.

“We felt that [it] was a technology we wanted to use,” said Dan Gorden, former General Manager of Hawthorne. “This (Laser Barcode system) has paid off. Residents are very satisfied with the system, as it is not only efficient, but also convenient and cost-effective for both residents and staff.” Since 2008, at least one person tried photocopying a decal. It didn’t work. To-date, this system has been operational nine years.

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