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Planning where to use Barcode Automation, inc. (BAi) Readers

BAi Readers in Access Control Systems

BAi Readers are part of a complete vehicle access control system. A simple access control system is made up of three parts:

  1. a device to identify vehicles
  2. an access controller
  3. and gate with gate operator (this includes barrier arms)

The device used to identify vehicles can be a BAi reader or other identification product.

The access controller is the decision making component and usually has overall control of the access system.

The gate is of course the barrier that prevents entry when closed. The gate operator is the device that opens and closes the gate, similarly to how a garage door opener is the unit that makes your garage door go up and down.

When a vehicle drives up to the gated entrance, this is what happens:

The BAi Reader will detect and decode the decal, then send the ID number to the access controller.

The access controller will check for the ID number in its database. If the vehicle is allowed, the access controller sends a signal to the gate operator.

The gate operator receives the signal to open and physically opens the gate. The vehicle drives in, and the gate operator closes the gate behind it.

Normally, these events take place so quickly that the vehicle does not have to come to a complete stop.

The following examples show BAi readers installed in different situations:

Gate with Access Controller

One lane entrance with a BAi Reader on passenger side and telephone entry system on driver side

BAi Readers are commonly used with a gate operator and access controller. In this case the Access Controller is a type known as a "telephone entry", which not only oversees the entire system but also processes visitor entry. At this installation, the BAi Barcode Reader is only used to identify registered vehicles in the "Resident Only" lane.

Guard House / Telephone Entry Configuration
Illustration of how BAi is used on a two lane gated entrance.

In this example, there are 2 entry lanes into a community. Visitors and vendors use the left lane next to the guard house to be identified and documented before entering. Traffic at this lane tends to back up quickly due to the amount of time required for processing each vehicle. Installing a BAi Reader in the right lane creates an efficient way for residents, employees, and authorized service vehicles to get into the community. These vehicles can enter as fast as the gate can open, so traffic maintains a steady flow and does not back up.

The community can use different color Decals to indicate the status of vehicles. Residents may be assigned black-on-black Decals, while community staff or employees have green on white decals. This allows for visual identification of a parked vehicle. Depending on the color of the decal, a guard can tell immediately if it belongs to a resident or staff member.

A third Decal color combination could then be used for service vehicles/vendors. A property can even generate revenue by selling vendors such as lawncare or janitorial services a Decal that will allow them to enter through the faster registered vehicle lane.

If the community uses a Telephone Entry System instead of a Guard House then the same principle works. Telephone Entry on Left Lane, Registered Vehicles with the BAi Reader on the Right Lane.

Gate without Access Panel

We refer to this as stand-alone mode, most commonly used for resident only entrances. Properties often use this when expanding to create additional gated entrances without the additional cost of an access control panel or guardhouse (photo on right). A BAi Reader can act as the access controller, opening a gate when an authorized barcode ID is read. The Reader can be programmed with a laptop to add valid IDs or deny expired IDs. Depending on the property's needs, data modems or Wi-Fi can be integrated with the reader so property managers can add and remove decals remotely.

Back Entrance without Access Panel
Back entrance of a gated community showing BAi Reader without a guardhouse

BAi System without gate

BAi Barcode Systems have been used in many unique scenarios. Schools have used our Readers with custom systems to expedite student pick-up (photo on right). Construction companies have used BAi Systems to monitor time logs at job sites. Any situation where vehicle identification is needed can benefit from BAi Systems.

Vehicle identification without a gate
BAi Reader being used without a gate for identification at a school

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