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Intro to Radio Interference

Radio Interference, or RF Interference (radio frequency interference) is a serious consideration for any property looking at vehicle identification solutions. Remote control transponders similar to garage door openers use radio frequency, so do RF Tags found on some vehicle identification systems such as toll roads.

What is Radio Interference, in basic terms?

Electronic "noise" caused by radio waves when they interfere with the transmission of other waves of the same wavelength passing through the same path. - Source: Business Dictionary

How does Radio Interference affect my vehicle identification system?

One of the key advantages to BAi Readers is that radio will have no effect on it. BAi Readers are entirely optical so no radio signals are transmitted.

RF Tags or Remote Transponders (garage door style clickers), on the other hand, have reliability problems with radio interference. Radio interference from nearby buildings, antennas, Cell phones and WiFI can all interfere with radio transmissions. Some windshields constructed with metal oxide block radio waves from passing through. Recently, a well-known RF-ID Tag Manufacturer updated their product manual to state that vehicle collision warning systems have been shown to interfere with radio communications.

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