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Distance for Vehicle Identification

The guaranteed vehicle identification distance for our standard sized barcode decals (all colors) is 6ft. Vehicles should be directed to pass the reader with the decal between 2ft and 6ft away. We call this the Guaranteed Read Zone.

  • 2ft Minimum: Protects the reader and gives the lasers time to expand vertically.
  • 6ft Maximum: At this distance we can guarantee 100% accuracy. Any further and the performance begins to decline based on a number of factors. We recommend utilizing bollards, planters, or road markings to keep the decals within range. Remember only the decal needs to be within 6ft, not the entire vehicle.

For larger vehicles we do offer a Larger Decal that extends the Guaranteed Read Zone to 12 ft. This is for RVs, Trailers, Campers, and other oversized vehicles that need additional clearance.

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