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Guaranteed Read Range

The Guaranteed Read Range using our standard sized Decals is 6ft. Vehicles should be directed to pass the Reader with the Decal between 2ft and 6ft away. We call this the Guaranteed Read Zone.

A vehicle passing through the BA-440's guaranteed read zone

The 2' minimum serves two purposes: protect the reader, and give the lasers time to expand. The Installer should watch how far out from the curb drivers at the location go to determine where to best position the Reader.

The 6' range is the furthest the Reader can reliably identify our standard decals. At 6' a well installed and maintained BA-440 will have nearly 100% read accuracy, after 6' that number will reduce. While it can identify vehicles further than 6' we cannot guarantee it will work reliably, and strongly recommend directing vehicles to pass no more than 6' from the Reader. If the lane is very wide then we recommend using road markings, planters, or bollards to direct vehicles into the Good Read Zone. The entire vehicle doesn't need to be in this zone, just the side with the Decal.

For larger vehicles we do offer a Larger Decal that extends the Guaranteed Read Zone to 12 ft. This is for RVs, Trailers, Campers, and other oversized vehicles that need additional clearance.

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