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Positioning the Reader from the Gate

The recommended distance from the gate for a BAi Reader is 25 ft. This is generally far enough back that vehicles will be able to pass the Reader, get identified, have the gate open without the vehicle needing to come to a stop. This is very dependent on the speed of the gate in use. A barrier arm opens much quicker than a heavy wrought iron swing gate for example. The BAi Reader will identify vehicles instantly, but if the gate takes 15 seconds to open then that's beyond our control.

Too Close

BA-440 to close to the gate makes it so long vehicles cannot get their decal passed the reader

If the Reader is positioned less than 25ft a few problems will happen:

  • Longer vehicles might not be able to pass the Reader with the Decal in the recommended position creating safety hazards.
  • Vehicles will be forced to slow down, possibly stopping completely, in order to give the barrier time to open.

Too Far

BA-440 to far from the gate allows unauthorized vehicles to wait for authorized vehicles to pull up

If the Reader is positioned more than 25ft a different set of issues will occur:

  • Allows unauthorized vehicles to wait for authorized vehicles to drive up behind them and gain access.
  • Multiple vehicles can now be between the Reader and the Gate making it difficult to know if all were authorized.
  • Encourages speeding as vehicles will try to get to the barrier arm before it closes.

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