Barcode Automation for campus security

BAi vehicle identification for faculty and student parking

Schools, universities, and residence halls are high volume and high traffic facilities. All of them have parking enforcement with many implementing security gates. BAi Barcode Readers and Decals has become a go-to solution for campuses because of our low cost, high reliability, and ease of integration.

At Knights Circle, a UCF affiliated student housing complex, they house around 2,000 students and reported a regular turnover of 1,600 students every year. Unlike most markets which we would figure a 2.5 car per home ratio we'll estimate student housing at 80% vehicle ownership. That's about 1,200 vehicles changing each year. They have 4 readers currently. That's an initial BAi investment of $45,000, where RFID would be only $28,000. Except because of the pricing structure with BAi they're looking at an additional $5,300 per year vs $12,000 per year for RFID. In the long run Knights Circle saves considerable amounts by using BAi systems.

Another strength to BAi systems for school security is the ability to use different colors and customize the credentials. Many colleges that use our equipment take advantage of this to include the year the decal is valid for. Our Decals don't die every year but colleges often require students renew their parking permits annually. Printing the year directly on the permit will facilitate that process.

At SUNY Maritime Academy they date every barcode decal as well as specify from a few different classifications such as Student Resident, Student Commuter, and Faculty. This is a big help to the college in maintaining the entire parking policy.

Many school districts have chosen BAi Readers and Decals for their fleet parking facilities. The benefits are numerous including the long term value and ease of operations.

Since BAi systems utilize vertically spanning lasers the entire side of vehicles gets read. This makes it 100% reliable on employee vehicles, maintenance trucks, and school buses.

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